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Sweet Bread – 400g x 2 Pcs


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Sweet bread – soft, sweet pastry, ideally served with butter and milk, or cocoa

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ABOUT COMPANY The mission of Bakeries and pastry shops Náchod (Pécé)is a high supply reliability, continuous high quality, high level of certification and smart innovations. At the same time Pécé wants high efficiency of their processes to guarantee the continuity and growth of company in the interests of customers, shareholders, employees, partner organizations and the region. Pécé recognizes their responsibility to society, and for company it is obvious commitment to protect the environment and natural resources. Bakeries pay attention not only on the freshness and great taste but also to make products healthy and fully meet the modern demands on nutrition. Besides manufacturing activity company is gradually building its own retail network, where the company can verify the customer response to the newly introduced products. HISTORY Bakeries and pastry shops a.s Náchod operates on the Czech market for several decades. Bakeries relied on tradition, and that along with long experience in the field were a good initial capital. By adding top Czech manufacture of highest quality raw materials resulted in an excellent bakery and confectionery products delivered under the catchy name of Pécé "caring". History of the company dates back to 1992 when Mill in Nachod was privatised. Mr Josef Franěk (director of ZZN company) and two potential owners of Mill Nachod at that time Mr Záviš Holzbecher and his brother Mr Josef Holzbecher established stock-joint company. Later on another two other investors joined the company. Mr Josef Franěk bacame new owner of Pekarny a cukrarny Nachod a.s and 10 years on he also successfully gained ownership of the Mill Nachod through a management buyout. Mr Josef Franek does not directs the business today. In 2013 he made the decision to sell the company to both of his sons Peter and Tomas. Brand's region: Kralovehradecky Region Premium products of the brand: Curd Cheese Pastry


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