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Expreso Tea Syrup – 0.7l



Syrups containing no artificial aromas or colourings. Syrup is used for preparation of a cup of tea with rum flavour. Contains no alcohol.

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Czech company producing fruit juice and the biggest fruit processor in the Czech market. LINEA NIVNICE, a.s. is 100% owned by Czech shareholders. The company belongs among the biggest producers of fruit juice, drinks, fruit wines, snacks and syrups. They achieve nearly in every branch the first or second position in the market. The company has an old tradition in spirits production, where, the first liquor was made in 1946. In fruit juice and drinks assortment they reached 34.3 % of market share in 2008 and confirmed the first place in the Czech market. In syrups assortment with more than 30 % they hold the second place. Moreover, they belong among significant producers of fruit wines and in this area they have the dominating position with product Hradní svíca. Having a modern fruit-pressing shop is also an important advantage as well as fruit accessibility within the south Moravia region. As the biggest long-term fruit processor they have an excellent starting position for production of fruit juice. They have own source of drinking water and also plan to enlarge capacity and to be fully self-sufficient. The main exporting country is Slovakia. They have started promoting HELLO trademark in 2009 there supported with the TV spot “Choose with your heart“ that is broadcast on channels JOJ and Markíza.


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