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The name Slovak and Czech cuisine itself well explains that it’s from the region of Czech and Slovakia Republic, these regions are known for their delicious meals and hence are famous in many countries including the UK.

Czech and Slovakia have traditional Culture and Cuisine which is to crave for …. Their food consists of mostly dairy products and very few spices.

Usually, the meal starts from Soup, but the most renowned dishes are the dumpling….and yes, the beers are also quite famous.

Let me take you through the must-try food items specially KNEDLIKY!

Knedliky– Mixture of the flour and other ingredients for the preparation of traditional dumplings – 400g

  • Cooking instructions
  • Ingredients: 400g powder mix, 200-250ml of cold water
  • Recipe :
  • 1) Mix dumpling powder with water in a bowl and whisk thoroughly. Let rest for 5 minutes.
  • 2) form dough into two 12cm(approx.) long rolls. Put them into boiling water and cook for 20 minutes.
  • 3) Cut cooked dumplings into slices and serve immediately.

Knedliky is considered to be the most favourite and traditional dumplings from the European region.

These dumplings are made from many different ingredients and flavours, Dumplings can be made of bread, potatoes, cheese, yeast, fish, meat, eggs, etc depending on preferences. Depending on your taste buds you can make variations in dumpling-like you can make them and serve with sauces but if you have a sweet tooth you can go for fruit dumplings.

Let me give you quick tips for your perfect dumplings:
  • If you’re going to use bread, I would suggest you not to use fresh bread instead try to use 2 to 3 days old bread.
  • Try to use eggs as it would uplift the flavour and look.
  • Make sure you cover the lid while steaming up the dumplings.
  • You can make the dumplings with any flour you have at home (this day you even get the self-rising flour which is quick and easy)
how do you make at home?

 Usually, you can make these dumplings at home which is around 1 hour and 30 minutes of your time…but..but if you’re really craving for these delicious knedliky dumplings and don’t want to get in the hustle of preparing it you can simply order it from

You can order the Dumpling mix and just mix with cold water, make a dough of it, boil it for like 15 to 20 mins, cut the logs into slices, and here you go…just serve it with your favourite side dish.

Dumplings can be served best with beef, stew, and pork. Well, you can even try it with liver dumpling soup …. yes, you can get that too, just order the pack and mix it with boiling water, and you are all set for your mouth-watering meal.

Just a suggestion, by the way, the beers from these regions are also quite unique. If you are non-alcoholic the Birell non-alcoholic lime and raspberry beer are a must-try.

Okay!! Now you must be wanting something sweet after your meal.

well, I got you covered with that as well. So, this site has a special combination of the chocolate box which is called the KOFILA MIX which knedilky’s special assorted pack of 30 chocolate bars, this box has 6 different flavoured chocolates which are Kofila milk chocolate bar with coffee, Deli Pistachio, Deli Chocolate, kasatany Dark chocolate bar with praline cream filling, Margot coconut Choco bar, and sojove rezy. So you get to try different sweets as per your mood and cravings.

The never-ending love for Dumplings in UK:

Dumplings have been consumed and liked in England since ancient times bringing different variations to It. I had read in one of the articles that King John (1166-1216) was a great fan of dumplings too …Dumpling is considered as a budget-friendly and healthy meal and in today’s fast and busy life its time saving too as doesn’t take much time to prepare and you can freeze and reuse it.

In Britain, the traditional suet dumplings were made by just mixing up self-rising flour, Suet, water, salt, and pepper and they can be flavoured with seasonings of your choice.

As people’s love for dumplings started increasing, they started bringing more modifications and innovations to it, Gluten-free and vegan dumplings are also available nowadays, and it seems food lovers are liking them too.

If You’re from the European regions and are craving for your Knedilky dumplings and you are tired of finding a Czech or Slovak shop near you, you can get the ingredients online or you can even get the dumpling mix Online as mentioned earlier.

As the UK is known for accepting cultures and food around the globe you can find and try dumplings from over every region like even the Chinese dumplings have become quite popular in the UK.

Momo’s which are the stuffed, steamed dumplings from Nepal have received equal love from the people. Also, the east European Dumplings are quite famous in the UK.

You can even find restaurants which serve only different kinds of Dumplings in London and folks love trying them.

So, if you have not yet tried dumplings I would say go and try it once you would not regret it.

Well, Apart from Dumplings, fish and chips, English Breakfast, Salads, Mashed potatoes are also quite famous in England, set out for them as well and thank me later.