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Wheat Flour Coarse – 10pcs



Wheat Flour coarse- 10 x 1kg

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ABOUT COMPANY The company – Mlýny J. Voženílek, spol. s r.o., Předměřice nad Labem with a more than one hundred year tradition ranks among the largest manufacturers of grain mill products in the Czech Republic. The modern facilities in the Automat and Budín Mills process daily 300 tonnes of high quality wheat and rye for human consumption. The range of final products includes all types of wheat and rye flour, such as wheat flour – coarse, semi-coarse, finely ground, wheat semolina – coarse, wholemeal flour, rye flour, fodder and last but not least retail goods – a supplementary range of flakes, peeled barley and additional products for bakers and confectioners. Fine Wheat Flour - usualy used for baking (pancakes, muffins, sweets) Semi Coars Wheat Flour - usualy used for cakes, stuffed cakes Coars Wheat Flour - usualy used for dumplings and fruit dumplings HISTORY The mills of Předměřice nad Labem can boast a hundred years of tradition. Josef Voženílek, the founder of the company, bought the Budín Mill at the age of 24 and three years later an old wooden mill next to which he built completely new modern premises – the Automat Mill. First, with his wife Františka, and later with his sons Josef, František and Jan he modernised the mills, always keeping their top quality and ensuring Voženílek flour was known and sought after throughout the area. Mr. Josef Voženílek was famous for his diligence and honesty. Under his steady hand the mill enterprise became one of the largest in Bohemia. The same holds true for the period after the war. In 1948, nationalisation brought about persecution of the family. In 1993 the mills were returned to the descendants of the original owners in the context of restitution and the new owners founded the company Mlýny J. Voženílek spol. s r.o., which has since been managed by them with the significant assistance of professional millers. Thus the famous tradition of Předměřice mills and Voženílek flour was restored. Brand's region: Kralovehradecky Region Premium products of the brand: Predmericka Flour


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