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Romanca Biscuit



sandwich biscuit with chocolate filling – 40g

Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, palm and shea vegetable fat, sunflower vegetable oil, skimmed milk powder, glucose-fructose syrup, fat reduced cocoa 2%, maize starch, soya flour, whey powder, raising agent (sodium and ammonium carbonates), egg yolk powder, flavour, emulsifier (lecithins, E442, E476). May contain peanuts and nuts.

Nutrition value in 100g: Energy 1937 kJ / 463 kcal, Fat 17 g (of which of saturates 6g), Carbohydrate 68g ( of which sugars 34g), Fibre 2g, Protein 8g, Salt 0.2g

Weight 0.04 kg



ABOUT COMPANY IDC Holding, Inc. is the leader on the Slovak confectionery market. Its competitors are the world's largest food companies. Modern history of the company dates back to 1992, when it was in Prague based company IDC, Ltd. (Investment Development Company). In the same year the company privatized Pečivárne Sered and then in 1993 the state enterprise Figaro Trnava. The company is based on more than 100 years old tradition of Figaro Trnava and 60 years old tradition of Bakery pastry production in Sered. SEDITA brand is the customer's guarantee of stable and high quality products. The most famous products are undoubtedly Horalky, Tatranky, Mila, Mata, Lina, Kávenky, Kakaové rezy. The key to the high quality production is established based on natural ingredients, traditional recipes and modern technology. The products are tested and developed in our own laboratories. HISTORY The beginnings of industrial bakery production in Slovakia have been linked to many productions in several craft workshops and smaller businesses, neither of which the bakery was their main activity. 1.1.1953 was created a national enterprise, Slovak pastry production in Sered. High quality biscuits as a supplementary range of food products have gradually gained favor with buyers. In 1962, therefore, in Sered was built a new bakery plant. The aim was to build a plant to meet the growing needs of consumers, as well as increasing concentration and specialization of production and the abolition of inefficient establishments. Varied assortment of waffles, biscuits, gingerbread and biscuits was produced in Sered factory under the brand Pecivarne Sered. In 2000, the company held a logo redesign and previously used brand Pečivárne Sered gradually began to be replaced by the new brand SEDITA. Brand's region: Podunajsko


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