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Jiska tmava 190g vitana

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Dark roux makes perfect dark sauces and soups.
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jiska tmava .

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ABOUT The company Vitana is a modern food company, which is part of the Norwegian multinational group Orkla. The company Orkla ASA, listed on the stock exchange in Oslo, Norway, one of the leading companies producing branded consumer products in the food and dry goods in the Nordic countries. The main part of the portfolio is located in Scandinavia and the Baltic States, though important position also in certain categories in Russia, India, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic. Through the division of food ingredients is also a major supplier of many European bakeries. Orkla’s vision is to improve everyday life with healthier and more enjoyable local brands. Orkla company is one of the oldest business conglomerates in Norway. Its beginnings date back to over 350 years ago. Vitana mainly specializes in dehydrated and canned foods and flavours. Many consumers in the Czech when hear word Vitana they immediately think of soup. Today Vitana is a food company with a broad portfolio of products that help both cooking and baking. Apart from the traditional dehydrated soups also offers instant soups , ready meals, instant meals, broths, liquid seasonings, sauces, spices and spice mixtures. They also offer other products, which include rice, beans, pasta ,dumplings and potato products. At present the Vitana´s manufacturing activity is in three locations in the Czech Republic - in Byšice, Varnsdorf and Roudnice nad Labem.The goal of Vitana is to bring joy into the lives of their consumers. They try to offer tasty and high quality products which do not require complex preparation. HISTORY German entrepreneur Ludwig Graf and Swiss miller Julius Maggi are the founders of the traditional production based on protein hydrolyses. In 1921 the Graf company founded joint stock company and launched its activity as a small production of malt extracts in Prague - Podbabě.Also a new branch in Chrudim was established. The company was based on production of liquid soup seasoning and soup cubes. Five years later similar plant in Kralupy nad Vltavou is establish by Maggi company. 1925 Graf company purchased sugar factory in Byšice. Next year the building in Byšice was renovated and production moved there along with most of the employees of Chrudim branch. Following the end of World War II due to the change in the political situation in Czechoslovakia, both plants became part of the newly established national company called Vitana located in Byšice. In the following years, the company VITANA connected with the other two races based on production of coffee substitutes. National VITANA company, with its plants in Byšice, Kralupy, Pardubice and Prostejov over the next dozen years has undergone many changes and organizational integration within the changing economic situation of the country. In the early 60-ies the national company VITANA became part of a massive oil industry group Praha until 1 January 1988. Then Vitana became an independent state enterprise. Since 1990 Vitana collaborated with the multinational Norweigan group Rieber & Son. Rieber entered Eastern Europe in 1992 when it bought the Czech brand Vitana. This Norwegian company began an extensive modernization of all races. In 1993 new plant has been established in Sered- Slovakia. 2013 - The new owner of the company became Norway's Orkla multinational corporation headquartered in Oslo.


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